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日期: 2017-05-30
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To implement the “outline of the development of Chinese medicine (2016-2030)” and to facilitate the major national development strategy of “The Belt and Road”, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Service Theme Day and 2017 Chinese Overseas TCM Conference were held on 29th May with an aim to build a high level TCM international exchange and cooperation platform for domestic and overseas Chinese to promote the vigorous development of Chinese Medicine in overseas. The event was jointly organized by Beijing Administration of TCM and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality.

The forum was hosted by Luo Zenggang, Deputy Director of the Administration of TCM, Lu Yan, Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipal People’s Government, Zhang Jianqing, Director of The State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Yu Wenming, Deputy Director of the State Administration of TCM, Lei Haichao, Director of Beijing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, Liu Chunfeng, Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, Tu Zhitao, Director of Beijing Municipal Administration of TCM, Wang Hongcun, Member of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce and over 220 guests including overseas Chinese, Chinese medicine experts and domestic representatives from 27 countries attended the meeting. The event was successful of building the effective platform for medicine exchanges and cooperation among overseas Chinese, which makes a positive contribution to the promotion of the Chinese medicine to the world.

The “Sino-foreign Cooperation Signing Ceremony” was held during the meeting. Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Barcelona clinical hospital signed the agreement for the establishment of TCM clinical center in Barcelona clinical hospital with 20 therapeutic beds. It is the very first time, the TCM treatment center being set up in public hospital of European Union; Acumedical Development Fund LLC and Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technology Co., Ltd. signed the Strategic Memorandum of Cooperation. The objective of Acumedical Development Fund LLC is to promote Chinese acupuncture to overseas countries; it was launched by Capital Impetus Group Limited (CIGL) and its subsidiary Capital Impetus Asset Management LLC (CIAM LLC) in New York, USA. As an industry fund, it is centered in the United States and provides support for the development and innovation of modern acupuncture clinics all around the world.



Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technology Co., Ltd. has invented the Meridian Ebb-flow Therapeutic Device (MET Device), which combines the traditional Chinese Time Therapeutic method with the modern technology by using the non-invasive electrode pads to replace the needle. The MET device uses modern micro-electronics technology to realize the curative effects of acupuncture, which transforms the principle of Meridian Ebb-flow and Linggui Bafa into standard digital program. It means that the electrode pads can be used as the acupuncture needle to stimulate acupoints. The MET device also provides massive solutions according to different symptoms. After years of clinical trials and application, the curative effects of MET Device have been known to a lot of hospitals and patients. Up to now, MET Device has been applied in more than 200 medical institutions and received great feedbacks in China with CFDA approval.

The strategic cooperation between Acumedical Development Fund LLC and Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technology Co., Ltd., centered in the United States and Singapore, will promote the TCM acupuncture to the world, i.e. to expand the “MET Device” , a non-invasive acupuncture and time acupuncture method model, to the outside of China. Acumedical Development Fund LLC plans to open 100 modern acupuncture clinics of TCM in the next five years in United States. Beijing Jiashi zhengtong Technology Co., Ltd. will join this plan and provide the “MET Device” as a standard component in each TCM clinic, which will become the foundation to promote TCM acupuncture and benefit more foreign users. At the same time, Acumedical Development Fund LLC and Beijing Jiashizhengtong Technology Co., Ltd will explore the feasibility to cooperate in establishing acupuncture service and training centers in the United States and Singapore.

Acumedical Development Fund LLC has also invested its assets in AcuMedical Inc. (the “Company”), a medical device company incorporated in the State of Delaware with its principle place of business in St Paul, Minnesota. The “Company” strives to employ innovative multi-platform (electrical, chemical, physical, and mechanical) means to achieve maximum therapeutic effects on a variety of diseases. The “Company” has invented AcuRangerTM, a first generation meridian quantification system with state-of-the-art design and patented technologies: employing dipole-induced safe electrical field for the measurement of acupoint AFVs; Providing a reliable quantification tool and platform for various TCM clinical research and measurable evaluations of TCM treatment; enabling the establishment of an evidence-based TCM Electrical Medical Records (EMR) system. The best contribution of AcuRangerTM is to digitalize the curative effects of TCM, so that thousand-year ancient theory finally begins to transform into evidence-based modern medical science; TCM treatments now has a scientific way of measuring the therapy efficacy, doctors can better communicate with patients with higher transparency, and existing treatment methods can be further improved via quantitative analysis. At the meantime, TCM EMR can be completely quantitative, Substantially improving the clinical data management for TCM patients, more patients will benefit from TCM when modern scientific methodology applied to this ancient meridian system. Through global-scale researches on correlations between various diseases and acupoint AFVs, a huge and complex cloud data base can be established, from which a comprehensive AI system can be built, since then the therapeutic effect of TCM can be scientifically verified.

The cooperation among Acumedical Development Fund LLC, AcuMedical Inc. and Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technology Co., Ltd. shows the significance in the products of the two companies, which have an epoch-making meaning to TCM and the medical community. Acumeidcal Development Fund LLC predicts that the “MET Device” and AcuRangerTM will become standard component equipments in the future “Integrated Medicine center” around the world. Acumedical Development Fund LLC will promote the innovative model which combines the TCM with high-technology to benefit more people all over the world.

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