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日期: 2016-10-09
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Huang Luqi, Executive Vice President met with China Capital Impetus Asset Management Executive Director, CEO Sun Quan and his team.


8月6日,中国工程院院士、中国中医科学院常务副院长、针灸研究所党委书记黄璐琦会见了新加坡中国资本动力基金执行董事孙权,美国Acumedical, Inc.公司首席运营官、总经理陈雷及公司董事、副总裁夏洁一行,双方就针灸研究所与资本动力基金合作事宜进行座谈。


On August 6th, Huang Luqi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Executive Vice President of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Science (CAMS), and Secretary of Party Committee of Acupuncture Institute of CAMS met with Sun Quan, Executive Director, CEO of China Capital Impetus Asset Management (CCIAM), and his team members: Chen Lei, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of AcuMedical Inc, and Jenny Xia, Director and Vice President of AcuMedical Inc, exchanging ideas on the corporation between the two parties.




On behalf of CAMS, Huang Luqi extended his sincerely welcome to the guests from Singapore and the United States. Jing Xianghong, Deputy Director of the Acupuncture Institute briefly introduced its history as well as its current situation on medical research, treatment and education. Sun Quan made a brief introduction on CCIAM and its investment status.


随后双方就合作项目,包括针灸仪器设备的研发、病种的选择、数据采集分析、云平台的建立以及后期的推广应用和相关教育培训等方面内容,进行了讨论。双方合作拟依托中国资本动力基金雄厚的资本实力、美国Acumedical, Inc.公司在数据采集和处理方面的高科技基础以及中国中医科学院、针灸研究所丰富的中医针灸科研、临床、教育资源等推动针灸临床应用及科研学术发展,以满足国际社会日渐强烈的对中医药尤其是针灸的需求。


The two parties discussed on many cooperation projects, including the research and development on acupuncture instrument equipment, disease selection, data collection and analysis, the establishment of cloud platform and the later application and relevant education, training etc. With the abundant capital strength of CCIAM, high technology on data acquisition and processing of AcuMedical Inc., and the rich resources on Chinese traditional acupuncture research, clinical and educational experience of Acupuncture Institute of CAMS, the two parties will promote the clinical acupuncture and moxibustion clinical application and scientific research development to meet the increasingly strong needs of the international community on the traditional Chinese medicine, especially the needs with acupuncture and moxibustion.



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