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  • POSTED 10:21 PM, OCTOBER 10, 2018, BY LEEANN WATSON AND MARY STOKER SMITH, UPDATED AT 10:22PM, OCTOBER 10, 2018WEST ALLIS -- Headaches, back pain, and nausea are all common conditions that doctors say can land people in the emergency room.However, Aurora West Allis Medical Center's emergency department is using a new option to eliminate pain.It's based on a practice that's thousands of years old. Inside the emergency department, doctors say every day is different and they see all types of emergencies."The typical day is that nothings typical," explained Dr. Michael Urban, Medical Director of the Aurora West Allis Medical Center's Emergency Department. "If anybody presents to the emergency department with what they consider an emergent condi...
    2018 - 10 - 31
  • 借着美国“新鸦片战争”的东风,针灸进入美国联邦政府医疗保险(Medicare)的曙光乍现。美国“新鸦片战争”是在美华人针灸圈内流行的一个谑称,指的是美国政府因鸦片类止痛药引发大量的社会危机,从而对鸦片类药物说不,禁止其滥用的“战争”。这起始于去年,标志事件是2017年5月FDA局长Gottlieb的上任讲话中将应对鸦片类药物滥用的危机确定为他的最高的首要任务,以及2017年8月10日美国总统特朗普宣布美国滥用鸦片类止痛药物危机为国家紧急状态。减少鸦片类止痛药的使用,必然需要其他替代的药物和疗法,这让传统药物和传统疗法有了机会,针灸作为对疼痛行之有效、副作用极小的一种治疗方法也有机会进入美国的国家医疗保险之中。今年6月1日众议院筹款委员会全票通过了一个涉及针灸进入美国联邦医保(Medicare)的法案H.R.5776,这个于5月16日通过的法案要求联邦医保于2020年开始支付替代医学治疗费,包括针治疗费。这个法案后来合并到H.R.6110法案中,于6月19日在众议院表决全票通过。后来H.R.6110和多项同类法案合并成H.R.6(支持患者和社区法案)联邦法案,该法案支持建立多个以针灸为治疗手段之一的试验中心。9月28日,H.R.6联邦法案在美国国会众议院以绝对多数票通过(393:8),这让针灸进入美国联邦医保看到了一点曙光。25年来,美国的针灸界持续努力去推动国家层面对针灸的立法保障,正在一步步变成现实。附:H.R.6法案的原文链接H.R.6-SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act
    2018 - 10 - 22
  • On May 18th, 2018, AcuMedical has became an official member of Medical Alley Association. Acumedical strive to design, develop, and promote a minimum-invasive, integrated suite of medical devices that help patients and healthcare professionals more effectively manage a variety of chronic or acute pain through traditional Chinese medicine practice. Along with Medical Alley, Acumedical will become a global leader in providing effective, safer, and modern solutions to traditional acupuncture practices.Founded in 1984, the Medical Alley Association is the front door to Medical Alley. We ARE the collective voice and expertise of Medical Alley; the strategy, implementation and execution vehicle of the Medical Alley Community. We DELIVER the collective influence, intelligence and intera...
    2018 - 05 - 22
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