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AcuRanger® is an advanced electro-acupuncture system.  Besides standard electro-acupuncture function, it also has the following new features:   ● Customizable and focalized micro-energy stimulation to augment therapy effects ● Acupoint data collection aimed at evaluating therapy effectiveness and monitoring patient wellness status● Expert-Knowledge based therapy guidance● Modern graphic user interface and easy-to-use controllability● Personalized electronic medical records● Data sharing platform cable of information exchange
AcuPioneer® is a procedure-based consumable needle accessory.  It is biocompatible, safer and more comfortable to patients.  Used with AcuRanger®, it can facilitate data sensing and deliver focalized energy to specific regions subcutaneously.
AcuCloud® is a cloud-based data service for sharing therapy knowledge, history and reports, and communications among clinicians.
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