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Dated: 2016-08-30
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AcuMedical designs, develops, and markets modern and advanced medical device products related to acupuncture treatment of a variety of diseases. 

One of the most serious problems facing us now is the epidemic of drug opioid addition, which has introduced many troubles to families and hurt our society.  Acupuncture, being as an alternative means of medical therapy without any drug side-effect, does serve as good treatment options for pain management.  

As an ancient therapy, we see the technology related to acupuncture has been underdeveloped for a long time. A typical acupuncture clinic is equipped with just simple acupuncture needles and an old-style electro-acupuncture device box with manual controls.   The needs to improve the effectiveness, user interface, and easy to operate are obvious in the face of the growing demand of acupuncture therapies.

Our solution is a brand-new platform that employs cutting edge technologies such as hybrid hardware with microprocessors, graphic user-interface, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, cloud data management, and electronic medical record.  Besides standard electro-acupuncture feature, our products provide new therapy options such as focalized micro-energy stimulation and are capable of acupoint data collection aimed at accessing the therapy effectiveness and monitoring patient wellness status.

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